Immersive Training Simulation about Emergency Preparedness and Response.

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For Owner/Operators, operational efficiency – in spite of significant investments made in automation – is very much controlled by field personnel aptitude. Most facility operations rely on critical manual operations that require human intervention for tasks that cannot be automated. Therefore, investing in personnel training is critical to sustained asset operability, producing immediate gains such as better performance and efficiency, lower preventable accident and shut-down rates resulting in higher return on employed capital.

With the increasing shortage in experienced personnel in the process industry, the 3D virtual plant is the ideal environment for contextual training of field-support personnel, encompassing:

• Site familiarization and equipment location awareness;
• Collaborative communication skills development between field operators and control-room operators;
• Skill improvement of routine operational and maintenance functions;
• Rehearsal of safety and emergency procedures in medium/high stress situations;

Real-life training during operations is costly and time consuming, as a variety of problems must be solved quickly and safely, and undesirable interference with operations reduce on-site training opportunities. It is possible to use interactive 3D environment to give users a ‘hands-on’ learning experience where can be reached complex tasks in a "safe-to-fail" environment.

Finaly, the virtual reality simulator proved to be a training tool high efficiency, allowing the formation of an operator in less time and with lower costs.


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